Product & Services

Medscheme Mauritius has years of experience in offering outsourced administration services and specialises itself in providing IT solutions to its clients. 

Outsourced Administration includes both Membership Management & Health Claims Administration.


Membership Management

The enrolment and management of members is of critical importance to Medscheme Mauritius. We also ensure the timeous and consistent collection of contributions which is essential to revenue and cash flow management. 

Medscheme Mauritius promisesa fast turnaround time, from application to underwriting to delivery of personal membership card, integrated with excellent member support and efficient first-time query resolution.

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Healthcare Claims Administration

As an administrator, Medscheme Mauritius understands the relationship between its clients and their members and can deliver consistently on service level agreements. The accurate and timeous payment of claims to the members and providers holds a crucial part in our service delivery.

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IT solutions-Schema 6

Medscheme Mauritius uses an integrated and flexible Oracle based IT system to provide administrative support to healthcare insurers, employee health benefit schemes, third party healthcare administrators and healthcare providers.

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