Medscheme has recently launched its Online Member Portal functionality. This facility enables  all members to:

  • Track the status of their claims
  • View their available benefit limits
  • View and amend their membership details
  • Download and print their personalisedclaim forms
  • Download and print their claims statements


Steps to use the Online Member Portal


1)    How to Login

Go to the following website:

Click on the Member Login on the top right corner of your screen

Login to the portal by using your username and password that you normally use to download your claim form. Select “Member” in the drop down box.

Once you have updated your e.mail address and mobile phone number in your profile, you will also be able to use your e.mail address or your mobile number instead of your username when logging into the portal.

2)    How to Update your Profile

Click on the menu item in the top right corner of the screen called “Profile”. You will now be able to update your e.mail address and contact phone numbers. Once updated, you can use your e.mail address or mobile number as your username when logging into the portal.

You can also change your password at any time by clicking on the “Change Pwd” menu at the top right hand corner of the screen and follow the instructions (we recommend that you do this regularly).

3)    How to View your Claims

Click on the tab called “Claims”. This will display the exact status of your most recent claims.

If you wish to see all the claims details, click on the menu item at the top left and select the dates for the claims you wish to see. Click on the claim number to display the detail for each claim, or click on “download” to have a copy of your payment resume for that claim.

4)    How to View your Benefits and Remaining Limits

Click on the tab called “Benefits”

5)    How to View your Dependants (Spouse & Children) Claims and Benefits

If you have registered your spouse and/or children as your dependants on the Scheme, you will see their names appearing on the left hand side of the screen. To view the claims and other details of each dependant, click on their name and then follow the same procedures outlined in 3) and 4) above.

6)    How to Generate a New Claim Form

Click on the menu item on the top of the screen called “Generate ClaimForm” and follow the instructions on the screen.

7)    Other Features

There are many other features and functions that you can use to get information from the member portal. Please feel free to click on the relevant tab or menu to familiarize yourself with all the features.

Please don’t forget to “Sign Out” by clicking the sign-out menu item on the top right hand side of the screen when you have finished using the portal, and please safeguard your password at all times.

If you require your username and password or need any assistance when using the member portal, contact the Medscheme helpline on 403 5073 during normal business hours or send us an email on